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New Year Party in Kashmir

Welcome new year in Srinagar & Gulmarg, with grandeur

New year in kashmir, Gulmarg and Srinagar

A pristine new year is almost here and you’re probably wondering how you can celebrate? New year in Kashmir! Sounds like a plan? A music festival in the snow and an exquisite boat party; Celebrate with Waah Kashmir at a never-before-seen New Year Party in Kashmir. This isn’t just any party, you get to immerse yourself in Kashmiri heritage surrounded by snow-clad mountains, create memories around a blazing bonfire and watch fireworks light up the night sky.

Boat-Party in Dal Lake Srinagar

As 2024 beckons, Srinagar becomes a hub of experiences. Bars and pubs in Srinagar probably do sound good but hear us out, what if you get to ring in the New Year at a winter festival infused with Kashmiri culture and other unique endeavours? Celebrate at an exclusive New Year Boat Party in Srinagar at the Dal Lake, sip in elixirs, indulge in Kashmiri cuisine (Yes, you get to savour in Rogan Josh, Kahwa tea and other delicacies), sway to the tune of the Kashmiri Santoor and live it up with unforgettable experiences.You get to endeavour an exclusive shopping experience, enjoy exceptional live performances, a swinging after-party access and countdown to 2024 all while meandering on the Dal Lake in Srinagar.

Music Festival at Gulmarg

Although Gulmarg is known for its serene beauty, the city does offer distinct experiences. If you’re still wondering what next for New Year in Kashmir… The New Year’s experience only gets better at the biggest winter-music festival at the Gulmarg Golf Course, with adventure and snow activities during the day, music, roistering in the cold and an après-ski dj party in Gulmarg, at night.

Revel in the snow, enjoy a cuppa’ ambrosial hot chocolate, fancy a wondrous shopping escapade and step into heated tents to mellow out from the cold. A change of scene from pubs in Gulmarg to a New Year weekend, saying adieu to 2023 sounds like a well enjoyed sojourn!

Gear up to bid farewell to 2023 and welcome a brand new year amidst Kashmir’s splendour. Raise a toast to new beginnings at a New Year party in Kashmir and live it up in Gulmarg and Srinagar. Here’s to exploring Kashmir, unforgettable experiences and adventures at a never-before-seen winter festival in Kashmir.

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