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Best New Year Party in Gulmarg

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Things to experience at the biggest winter festival party for the first time in Gulmarg!

Best New year Party in Gulmarg, Kashmir

Kashmir extends an abundance of experiences, and with 2024 around the corner, Waah Kashmir is setting the stage for you to celebrate New Year’s in Gulmarg. We have compiled a plethora of things you can do to enjoy the winter festival at the meadow of flowers, Gulmarg.

From adventures that push the envelope to escapades in the snow, creating unforgettable experiences; here are things you can endeavor at Kashmir’s Premier Winter Festival. Join us for the Best New Year Party in Gulmarg and make this celebration truly memorable!

Best music DJ Party in Gulmarg

The ultimate music fete

New Year in the snow, facing the resplendent Himalayas and enjoying music that elevates your soul sounds like a perfect way to welcome 2024, right? This music festival in the snow-wonderland is an amalgam of EDM, Bollywood and Indian music, alt-rock, synth-pop, turntablism and other revitalizing beats. With acclaimed artists creating waves with tunes, you are in for a musical delight.

Snow adventure winter festival in Kashmir

Snow activities - Best New Year Party in Gulmarg

Gulmarg undoubtedly is the best place to be during the winter. At Waah Kashmir’s best New Year party in Gulmarg, you get to experience the goodness of being in the snow. Zorbing, Snowball Fighting, Sledding, Tobogganing, Ice Sculpting and even making snow angels are activities definitely worth trying. You also get to indulge in hot chocolate while being out in the cold.

Adventure in Gulmarg by Waah Kashmir

Heated Tents to stay warm

To step away for a while, from the cold, the winter party has heated tents set up. The tents help take the chill off, you get to relax for a bit and gear up to celebrate the music festival again.

Dance your heart out

Give it a whirl and jive to amazing beats on a dance floor viewing the Himalayas. The dancing does not stop at New Year’s in Gulmarg, with an elaborate dance floor.

The floor’s open at all times for everyone to dance their way into the new year.

Bon appétit

Indulge in great culinary delight and fine crafted beverages. Celebrate New Year’s in Gulmarg with an array of delicacies and drinks of your liking. Exclusive nourishments and beverages, carefully curated to make the winter festival more memorable. You also get to savor authentic dishes, locally made in Gulmarg.

Best New year party in Snow Gulmarg

Gulmarg being a winter-vision to behold, heralds the way to a brand new year. Welcome 2024, with Waah Kashmir, create memories for a lifetime, dance around the bonfire and round out your new year weekend with extravagance in the best party in Gulmarg.


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