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Best New Year Boat-Party in Srinagar

A premier boat-party for the first time in Dal Lake Srinagar in 2023 by Waah Kashmir

Best New year Party in Srinagar, Dal lake Party

Nestled in breathtaking landscapes; amidst the majestic Himalayas, you get to experience the New Year at Dal Lake Srinagar. The array of gaiety and an exquisitely crafted journey, is an ideal way to welcome the new year. Here is the Best New Year Boat-Party in Srinagar 2023!

6 reasons to celebrate at the best New Year boat-party in Dal lake Srinagar

Party in Dal lake

Dal Lake’s Exclusive Boat-Party

Envision yourself on a boat in the Dal Lake, amidst the Himalayas and looking across a horizon of captivating ambience. Welcome the new year while cascading through the valley, relishing culinary delights and swaying to good music. Waah Kashmir’s exclusive boat party at the Dal Lake is the best New Year party of the entire Srinagar and will be a sight to behold and an experience to treasure.

Kashmiri Cuisine Indulgence

The zenith of taste and finesse. Indulge in authentic Kashmiri delicacies while gently meandering in the Dal Lake. Elevate your palate with Kashmir’s exalted Rogan Josh, the soothing Kahwa tea, the delectable Yakhni and more of the paradies’s culinary heritage only at New Year’s in Srinagar.

Experiences in Srinagar by Waah Kashmir

Mesmeric Performing Arts

A New Year party in Srinagar is fragmentary without traditional art and music. Enjoy the city’s artistic heritage with showcases of the authentic Hafiza dance, sway to the tunes of the Kashmiri Santoor, the folk music of Gwatri and other poignant renditions.

Christmas Party In Srinagar

Toast to a New Year with Elixirs

A chilly-winter’s day in the Dal Lake calls for toasting to a brand new year with beverages and frolic intoxication. From saffron and cardamom infused hot beverages to bevvies and gorg, Imbibe nuanced flavours and welcome 2024 at Srinagar.

Musical Festival

From the symphonies of the traditional Santoor to bollywood music and tunes that liven up the space, the cadence of the new year reverberates through Srinagar. Kashmir’s premier winter party sets the stage for grandeur and spectacle with music that adds to the allure of the occasion.

Dal lake wallpaper In Srinagar, Kashmir

Panoramas of Dal Lake Srinagar

Viewing the reflection of fireworks on the lake, dancing and swaying to music in a boat beneath the stars, celebrating with your kins and bidding adieu to the year that was.. The New Year party keeps getting better and is a memorable start to a brand new year, at Dal Lake, Srinagar.

The premiere boat-party at Dal Lake, Srinagar is going to be an immersive experience, with blends of culture, tradition, tranquility and exclusive celebrations. New Year’s on a boat at The Jewel in the crown of Kashmir - Dal Lake, will be a one to remember for a lifetime. Endeavor glorious escapade at the best new year boat-party in Srinagar. Parallelly, in the event of fully booked reservations, don't miss the chance to revel in the ultimate winter snow party. Experience the pinnacle of celebration at the best party in Gulmarg.

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